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Dear English Speaker,

We have translated the main content for your convenience – if you seek further assistance just contact your “Yoga & Health Team”.

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Welcome Page - Home

Welcome to our pages to subject „Yoga & Health“! 

How nice that you have found us.

One’s motto:
„Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health". (Schopenhauer)

Our offer consists in taking measures in movemvement and relaxation which could preserve health. We endeavour to constantly improve and extend our offer. For questions and propositions please use the form under the category “Kontakt”.

We are pleased to welcome you!

Kindest regards,

Your Yoga & Health Team

Ayurvedic Health Consultation:

Constitution Analysis (short):
Introduction information especially prior to first contact with Ayurveda plus selection of oil and herbs for the treatment.
30 Min 25 €

Constitutions Analysis (detailed):
Analysis of your "Type" in line  wiht the tridosha concept (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). Personalized consultation in nutrition and movement/training plan, treatment strategies plus natural remedy suggestions. 
60-90 Min First Consultation 
             Individual analysis plus creation of  treatment recoomendations.
30 Min Second Consultation - Hand out of  an extensive recommendation script - customized to your individual constitution including handling options.
90 €

Yoga Offer - Yoga Angebot


  • Hatha Yoga
    (after the lineage of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnu-Devananda)
  • Sampoorna Yoga (Hatha Yoga)
    (smooth flowing variations of the rishikesh series – after Yogi Hari, Florida – direct student of Swami Vishnu-Devananda)
  • Yoga Light
    (light yoga for beginners and people with little sports or gymnastic experience)
  • Yoga for dancers
    (with elements from Sampoorna Yoga & Pilates – no beginners)
  • Yoga for seniors
    (soft variations eventually plus props) 
  • Yoga with props 
    (sometimes less is more, but precise & exactly – after B.K.S. Iyengar)
  • Yoga for Business
  • Yogatherapy

    Yoga for everyone – Private lessons, workshops and courses on request

Relaxation Techniques

  • Relaxation through self-hypnosis
  • Progressive Relaxation (Jacobsen)
  • Body Scan
  • Phantasy Travel
  • Yogic Relaxation

    Relaxation for everyone – Private lessons, workshops and courses on request  


  • Lead meditation 

    Meditation for everyone – Private lessons, workshops and courses on request 

Gymnastics for the Spine

  • Special Exercises to strenghten & relax the back muscles
  • Training on correct movements to protect the spine

    Training for the Spine – Private lessons, workshops and courses on request  

Massage offer  - Massage Angebot


We are pleased to offer the following massages soon:

Wellness Massages *:

  • Classic Massage  *
    As complete body or partial body massage a pleasure. Also called Swedish Massage – stimulating  the circulation, soothes stress symptoms, relieves tensions.
    60 Minutes - 45 Euros
    30 Minutes - 25 Euros
  • Hot Stone Massage ***
    Allow oneself a special treat with volcanic lava stone for comforting deep warmth that flows through the vascular systm and provides a lasting relaxation effect.
    60 Minutes - 50 Euros
  • Klangmassage* Massage with Tibetian Sound Bowls
    relax the complete body thru sounds and vibrations of sound bowls. Every cell is reached thus as physical and psycological tensions or blockages could be release.
    A special kind of wellness
    60 Minutes - 50 Euros
  • Herb Stamp Massage ***
    Endulge oneself with herb stamps drenched in warm oil. The skin becomes nourished and cleansed, muscle tension melt away. As a result you will feel wunderfully regenerated and refreshed.
    60 Minutes - 55 Euros
  • Ayurveda Massages & Treatments ***
    on request part- & complet body massages

* Visit us or mobile - as you desire!
*** Visit us not mobile!

Therapeutic Massages:

  • Dorn-Breuß Methode *
    A soft treatment of a lot of spine related problems. The vertebras are relocated correctly with soft lateral pressure. This therapy is know to be very gentle for tendons, ligaments and muscle of the spine. 

* Training for home use Dorn methode & Breuß Massage with "Rose of Sharon oil" 

  • Ayurveda Massages & Treatments ***
    on request part- & complet body massages

Vouchers - Geschenk Gutschein

You are looking for an idea for giveaway? 

You could give away healthy movement and vitality with the Yoga-Voucher (Gift Certificate) or you could have your loved ones indulge themselves with relaxation and revival with the Massage-Voucher (Gift Certificate).

  • Voucher for Yoga (Gift Certificate)
  • Voucher for Massage (Gift Certificate)
  • Individual Vouchers (Gift Certificates) on request

It is our pleasure to consult you!
Your Yoga and Health Team

Yoga Agenda - Yoga Termine

Courses in German

VHS Courses: Please check Yoga-Termine on the left

Partner -  Registration via VHS Nagold:

Yoga taught in English:
Personal Training, Private classes, Workshops on request

Further info under Yoga offer:
Who can practise Yoga?

Yoga can be started at any age.

For Children yoga leads to better motor activity, concentration. Overweight and behaviour disturbances are balanced.

For Adults the tolerance of stress increases, tensions are relieved and sick leaves are lowered. This is very important for gainful employees and employers, pupils, trainees, students and certainly housewives/househusband and mothers and fathers.

For Senior Citizens and such people that like to become seniors, the physical and mental fitness is supported and life is harmonized in general.

There are many variations and the use of props to adjust asanas (yoga postures) for every individual.

In case you are not certain if you could do yoga or if you experience health problems or restrictions consult your physician/doctor or yoga teacher.

Why Yoga & Health

Health Effects:
Yoga can influence positively on body and mind level. Eventually easing of circulatory disturbance, sleeplessness, nervous tensions, head- and back pains can disappear. The level of stress hormones are reduced resulting effects of yoga are therefore soothing and harmonising.

Trained are:
Power, flexibility, muscular endurance, sence of balance.

Muscles are stretched and strengthened, the circulation is improved, ligaments and tendons are stretched, the lymphatic flow is increased and the glands are releasing more hormones. Breathing and eye exercises complete the program.


Taking steps to preserve health and preventative medicine, stress reduction, learning of positive thinking and personal responsibility as well as a training that is just fun.

What is Yoga?

"A gram of praxis is better than tons of theory“ – was the principle of Swami Sivananda (1887-1963)

Yoga is a several thousand year old Indian philosophy that includes mental and physical exercise.
Because of its positive effects on the practitioner the known "Hatha Yoga"
could establish in the West as proven system – physical exercises that are called “asanas”.

Less known are further pillars of the integral yoga such as:
Breathing exercises (Pranayama),  way of living (Relaxation and Nutrition), prana- and energy canalizing (Kundalini Yoga), yoga of realization and knowledge (Inana Yoga), selfless serving (Karma Yoga), singing of mantras & praising of god in unconditional love (Bhakti Yoga), vibrations of sound like singing or musical instruments (Nada Yoga).

Hatha Yoga Principles:

1.        Proper movement
2.        Proper breathing
3.        Proper relaxation
4.        Proper nutrition
5.        Positive thinking

The Masters

Swami Sivananda (1887-1963)

He was born in a wealthy, spiritual Family. He lived in Southern India , visited an english missionary school and studied medicine. As a doctor and a swami he dedicated his life to Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga, Health improvement and prevention of disease. He lived and taught integral yoga and wrote over 200 books. Resulting he smoothed the way for the Hatha Yoga in the West. Swami Sivananda taught the positions in a certain way that is known under name “Rishikesh Series”.
His European Students "André van Lysebeth" und "Boris Sacharow" as well as the students Swami Vishnu-Devananda, Swami Satchidananda, Swami Satyananda broadened the Hatha Yoga in the Westen.

Swami Vishnu-Devnananda (1927-1993)

As a student of Swami Sivananda he was taking up the job as a  Hatha Yoga Profesor in the „ Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy “ because of his predilection and his talent for Hatha Yoga. He travelled to Malaysia , Singapur, Honkong , Australia and Amerika and wrote “The complete illustrated book of yoga”. His book has reached a million edition and caused the „yoga boom” in the 70s.
Basing on the “Rishikesh Series” of „Basic Sivananda Class“ Swami Vishnu-Devananda taught also advanced asanas and advanced pranayama.

There are different Hatha Yoga Stiles and Traditions that all have the same aim.  

  • Control and harmony of body and mind

    The positive effects of yoga are to be experience and perceptible for everyone no matter of physical condition

    Valid is:
  • Everyone is training in the limitations of his own abilities and his own feelings for better health of his body and mind.
  • Yoga is no competition that disqualifies or leaves anyone behind.
  • Hatha Yoga is open for everybody who wants to do something good for oneself.  

About us - Über uns

We are certified in the following areas:

Ayurveda & Health:

  • Health Consulting
  • Ayurveda Consulting
    Health consultation prevention & additional thearapy offers: consitution analysis on ayurveda basis:  (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), recommendations on daily routine, individual training plans, suggestions on healthy diet, advise for life, stress reduction, BYVG 
  • Ayurveda Marma Massage
    Marma points (energy centers of the three doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha) - by circling massage movements on these points toxines and blocked emotions could be released. The flow of lifeforce (Prana) will be reactivated, BYVG
  • Fitness for the Spine
    Advanced training for instructors, VHS


  • Holistic Yoga Therapist
  • Hatha Yoga
    in the Sivananda Tradition (Rishikesh-Series), BYV
  • Sampoorna Yoga (Yoga of Fullness - Sampoorna Yoga Shiromani)
    flowing variations of the Rishikesh Series, Yoga master Shri Yogi Hari from Florida (USA), SYTCC 200 
  • Advanced Sampoorna Yoga (Yoga of Fullness - Sampoorna Yoga Acharya)
    advanced variations of the Sampoorna Flow of Yoga master Shri Yogi Hari from Florida (USA), SYTCC 300 
  • Advanced Yoga Teachers Training - Inana & Vedanta
    Yoga and sport, training physiology theory, special problems (Spine, Heart, Breathing)
  • Advanced Yoga Teachers Training - Bhagavad Gita
    Yoga for pregnant Women & Advanced Hatha Yoga
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training - Introduction to Hatha Yoga Therapy
    Yoga Therapy - opportunities and restrictions
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga therapy for health problems of the spine or disease of the musculoskeleto system
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Therapy for psychosomatic disorders
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Therapy for respiratory organs
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Therapy for the heart and the circulatory system (Ornish Program)
  • Hormon Yoga
    Hormonal Balance for the Menopause,  Dinah Rodrigues, Level I

  • We have learnt with the following teachers: Swami Atma Swaruparamananda, Swami Saradananda, Swami Yogaswarupananda, Sukadev Bretz, Shri Yogi Hari, Leela Mata, Ravi und Claudia Persche, Dinah Rodrigues

    Member of the Association for Yoga Teachers (BYV) - Germany & Sampoorna Yoga Teachers Directory (USA)

Relaxation Techniques:

  • Relaxation through self-hypnosis, Body Scan, Fantasy Travel, Progressive muscle relaxation (Jacobson), Yogic relaxation, BYVG

Dance & Movement Improvisation: 

  • Free dance, no dancepartner or knowlege necessary - for creativity, relaxation & fitness

Wellness & Massage:

  • Wellness Massage Therapy
    Classical Massage or Swedisch Massage
  • Hot Stone Therapy
    Massage with warm lava stones
  • Massage with Singing bowls
    Relaxation thru sound and vibration
  • Herb Stamp Massage
    Massage with warm bags filled with herbs
  • Ayurveda Marma Massage
    (see Ayurveda & Health)
  • Breuss Massage
    Massage for the spine with "Rose of Sharon Oil"


  • Dorn-methode
    Consulting and training for home use for the spine

The following knowledge support us in work, relaxation and the joy of life:


Natural Healing – Holistical Remedies & More:

  • Homöopathy, Phyto-therapy (herbalism), Brain Gym, Tender point treatment, holistic medicine (practicioner in training)









Interesting Links

 To the subject of Yoga:

Sampoorna Yoga: 
Mit besonderem Dank an unseren Lehrer, Yogameister Shri Yogi Hari - Florida, USA (siehe rechts) 

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Disclaimer: We have allowed links to other web pages on our homepage. Valid for all these links is: “We would like to state out that we can not influence at all neither the configuration nor the content. Resulting we distance ourselves explicitly from all other content on the linked pages, including all subpages. This declaration is valid for all links posted on our website and for all pages to which links or banners lead”.